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How to tell if someone is lying… maybe.

Jeremy Kyle. Jerry Springer. Trisha. What do they have in common?
All of those daytime talk show hosts use something that fascinates all human beings. A lie detector.

We find it almost shocking to think that a machine may actually see through our deception. Is it that obvious that you’re telling a lie? Can a bunch of wires and a polygraph really see through even the most cunning liars?

Well, in honesty, there is probably no such thing as a 100% correct lie detector – even the talk shows say they’re only 98% likely to be correct. Is that figure even remotely close to it’s accuracy? I’m very skeptical. Many critics disregard the lie detector as rubbish, it’s simply not a scientific procedure. There’s certainly no conclusive evidence that they DO work.

But what about humans?
We all lie at some point, so surely we’d be better at detecting lies than a machine that doesn’t know what it’s doing?

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