The Hawks Are Upon Us.

February 19, 2010 at 2:38 pm Leave a comment

Welcome to Psycho Hawks.

This blog does not concern the mental well-being of an avian variety.
I do not discuss birds at all, if I’m perfectly honest (and if I do, it’ll be in Comparative Psychology).
I’m sure you’ve guessed, this blog is an insight into the most fascinating subject going: Psychology.

I will try to keep the information as interesting as possible, as I’m aiming for this to be used more as a “good read” than an academic source for people also studying the subject. However, the information here will always be factual – and if not, I will make sure you know the source or evidence is unreliable.

All in all, I believe this blog will benefit students after more information; newbies to Psychology who want a little taster in the world of Psychology; and maybe even people very experienced in the field.

Why am I blogging about this?
I have a massive fascination for Psychology. I am a BSc Psychology student at Staffordshire University, UK. I’ve got an A2 level in Psychology also, and have always loved the subject. The subject matter is so broad, you could spend a lifetime finding everything out. There must have been a time you looked at something and gone “no way!”; for example, did you know that
blind people dream as well? Or that you will never dream of something you don’t know about? That random person you kissed in your dream? That’ll be someone that you saw in the high-street, but didn’t even register consciously. You perceived them, stored the image of their face, and recalled that face in a dream. Weird, huh?

To conclude, I hope this offers whatever you’re looking for.
Please feel free to leave feedback, because this won’t get any better unless you tell me what I’m doing right/wrong.
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Sam Eddy.


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